The Group for Senior Citizens

Even though we call ourselves the seniors group, we’re a melting pot of young and old.

„Life starts at 66 …“ – that’s our experience anyway. Some people flourish when they meet with others. And even in advanced years, some find out that God is for them and that he has impressingly demonstrated this by the death of his son Jesus on the cross.

We meet one Wednesday a month – normally the second Wednesday at 3 pm – for coffee and more. We talk about the things which are on our minds, share in each others’ lives , laugh, have a good time, and don’t limit ourselves to age-specific topics! Since everbody’s rich in the experience of life, we can bring our thoughts, lives and experience to bear on the topic at hand. We’re amazed how much the Bible still has to reveal to us and are delighted each time afresh how quickly joy pervades when we start singing and praying together.

Everybody with an mind open to the things that move us in life and what we might  expect in the life to come is very welcome.

Unser Programm für 2017

10. Januar Wilhelm F. Was wirklich zählt ...
8. Februar Holger H. Wie feiern wir Gottesdienst? Warum machen wir das so?
8. März Dietmar und Petra R. Aus unserm Leben mit Gott
12. April Wilhelm F. Gedacht als Teil von Gottes Familie
10. Mai Johannes S. Das Leben von Graf von Zinzensdorf
14. Juni    
12. Juli Johannes S. Seniorenausflug nach Augsburg
9. August    
13. September    
11. Oktober Wilhelm F.  
8. November Dietlind H. Filmnachmittag
13. Dezember Holger H. Es weihnachtet ...


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